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28 Ways a Book Can Help You Successfully Position Yourself as an Authority, Build Your Business, & Dramatically Propel Profits in Any Business or Economic Environment on Earth
"In this powerful book, Weston shows you that a book is not only the best business card you can have but how a book is also the best business tool for generating referrals, converting sales, and acquiring customers, clients and patients for your company."
Ivan Misner, Ph.D.
BNI, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer
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28 Ways a Book Can Help You Successfully Position Yourself as an Authority, Build Your Business, & Dramatically Propel Profits in Any Business or Economic Environment on Earth, Including...
  • How a Book Can Alter Your Prospect's Perception and Instantly Position You as a Trusted Authority
  • How a Book Can Strategically Generate More Leads & Convert More Sales (While Branding Your Business)
  • The 7 Book Marketing Tactics to Help Expand & Explode Your Business Immediately
  • The 6 Advanced Tactics to Show You How to Catapult Profits Beyond Simply Selling More Books or Leveraging Your Book in Advertising
  • The 8 Hidden Assets a Book Brings to You and Your Business and How They Can Help Change Your Life
  • And Much More!
Here's What You'll Discover Inside This Amazing Book:
  • Discover how the power of the written word has changed our society, including how one book single-handedly boosted an entire industry's sales! - pg. 11
  • The most important 3-letter phrase for your marketing and how it affects your prospects buying behavior - pg. 15 
  • The 2 most important factors you need in any sales situation to be successful AND the 3 ways to instantly become an expert and position yourself as an authority - pg. 19 
  • How to become famous in any niche, dominate your marketplace, and conquer your competition - pg. 22 
  • A story about how to leverage a book to "frame" and "position" your products and services as the best choice in the marketplace - pg. 25
  • Why 90% of your marketing dollars are being wasted and how you can STOP the bleeding - pg. 40  
  • How one small tweak in your marketing can potentially QUADRUPLE your leads, sales, and profits overnight -
    pg. 41
  • The biggest problem all business owners face and how a book can change everything - pg. 42 
  • The key to opening of your prospects' wallets and quickly convert them into a happily-paying customer - pg. 44
  • How you can combine your marketing strategies to create unstoppable momentum and boost sales dramatically - pg. 47 
  • Which marketing tactics produce the fastest results and which tactics are right for you - pg. 58 
  • Advertising your book in print to stand out from the crowd - pg. 61
  • What your competitors are doing right now and how you can easily SWOOP IN and SNATCH up their business -
    pg. 62 
  • How to use your book and online advertising to quickly grow a clean, profitable database - pg. 65
  • The most common misconception about NETWORKING and why it's killing your sales - pg . 75 
  • How to get your prospects undivided attention with your book and targeted direct mail - pg. 69 
  • How to completely change the networking & prospecting game with a trust-building, authority-positioning book -
    pg. 73
  • How to increase goodwill and trust, while making it easy for clients to refer you - pg. 79
  • How your book can help you quickly set up profitable joint venture partnerships - pg. 83
  • The UNSTOPPABLE formula of being an author and a speaker - pg. 87
  • How to passively increase profits by using your book to create new product packages - pg. 95
  • How to boost profits with back-end profit centers - pg. 99
  • How to quickly convert prospects into customers by creating urgency to buy now - pg. 107
  • How to get new clients to keep appointments and stick with you for years to come - pg. 111
  • How to reactivate your most profitable asset with your most powerful business tool - pg. 115
  • How a book can help you spread your unique message & change the world - pg. 123
  • Honing your message to a razor's edge to cut through the clutter & truly inspire your reader - pg. 125
  • Your book is just the beginning of your information product empire - pg. 131 
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